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What Does Woodenthings Do?

Time: at any given time we are 2-3 weeks out on new jobs. If you ask for it faster doesn't mean we can get it to you faster realistically. We may be able to do a rush order, but the quality may be worse and the price will be up. as goes anything that is made faster than normal. 

Stain and glaze: we can color match with our sources. bring in any color you have in mind for your next job. we use high quality stain, gloss, and glaze to insure the perfect look. we have our own machine to mix paint making the price for you even lower, Because we mix and make our own high quality stain and glaze making our prices go down to make yours go down as well.

wood types: when cutting and building we pick out the best parts of the board, we only buy from manufacturers that offer high quality products. Wood is natural and not consistent, everything we make will have natural imperfections in the wood we do the best to make it look good and work well but you cannot change the grain or knots in wood. 

hands on: We love to be hands on and work with you. it makes our job easier and your life better, unlike most companies that never see you behind a computer or phone we will work hands on coming to your house and measuring out your house so you do not have too

We Install: with our professional installer's installation is no haste. design your next dream and we take care of the rest. professionally installed so you do not have any stress or worries about your dream kitchen or bathroom. 

Questions?: if you have any questions make sure to contact Jesse or amy, At 

Or at 801-491-8555 Ofice phone