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Family owned since 2001 

We are now accepting online order', If possible please order online instead of pen and paper

Our Specialties


We specialize in cabinet doors, dovetail drawer boxes, cabinet parts-components, and cabinets.  We can build a variety more  give us a call, And see if we can do what is right for you. we specialize in a more specialized product for you. we take what you want and Make it a reality, other companies don't work as hands on with you as we will. 


We have an array of profiles and styles of doors to match any taste. More Door styles in the Products Page. If you are ordering one door up to 500 you can do it on our online web-store simply by clicking the order online tab above. It has been created for your use. and to make things easier on us and on you. getting you your product faster and easier than ever.  it creates our cultists and Machine code right after you click save. sending it to us top get to you


We make custom Dovetail drawer boxes to fit your old or new cabinets. Break an old drawer no worries we can match it. Drawer boxes have become easier than ever to order, the online web-store has made that possible for us to get it right as you order it and have it sent to production. Just jump on our store create an account and enter in sizing material and you are off, if you have any questions concerning the store feel free to call us. We also will no longer be using pre-Finished Baltic bitch on our box's


What we do

Here at Woodenthings, We strive to be the best Quality and speed around. When purchasing from us you know you will get the best quality for your money. We do work for many other shops, building the doors and drawer boxes, our products are long lasting, and beautiful, if you are looking to remodel your house, and want custom everything we are the place.

Resources: When remodeling your kitchen you might run into some troubles like where to get counters or Who to hire to install counters, we have created relationships with many different types of businesses, so we can make it easier for you to do what you have been dreaming about.

Things we do not do, We do not refinish cabinets and doors on site (in home) We do not respray on site, we can convert a glass door to a panel, and vise versa a panel to a glass. We do custom designs if you want us to build you a few new doors we can paint match remake and finish the door.

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Wooden Things, LLC

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Its official Our online ordering is now up and running. You can order Drawer boxes, doors, drawer fronts, end panels, glass ready, raised panel. if there is anything missing in the store you would like to see added email me @Crcbuisness@gmail.com And any updates needed will be added for your convince. If there is any feedback you would like to send it is all appreciated good or bad. Thank you

~Team Woodenthings (Yeah we are a team and you are apart of it)


There is so much here to see, From our website to the online ordering, to our show room at our Brick and mortar location. If you would like to visit to see our selection of door styles colors and cabinets please feel free to schedule a consultation or just stop by our business hours are located up above