Coming soon

Online Store has been created it is still a work in progress, you can use it to order Doors and Drawer Boxes, If you have any ideas to make it better let us know. Feed back is always appreciated  Any update is not just up to us, if you have any ideas or things you would like to see us using please feel free to Consult us about it/ Anything helps and feedback is always necessary. Thank you Team Woodenthings

How will the online store effect you?: 

Having our products online at an easy access you can order doors drawers etc.. from your phone making it easier for you to send an order. How it benefits you for using it? when you create the order we do not do any data entry. its everything you add creating less room for human error. data entry is done by just you, we don't change anything unless you ask us too or something looks off and we can give a call.

What it does: creating an online order makes things faster because when you add the order we instantly have a cultist. files for the CNS's invoice pricing and all parts information sending the job to the shop takes no time at all so not only is it faster but its Better for human error.