Stile and Rail: There are many different stile and rail options Some look better and some are stronger you can mix and match panel stile and stile and rail stile along with edge detail. what holds the door together are the stile and rail.

Panel Stile: The panel stile is how the panel gets shaped to fit inside the stile and rails. its also makes the door look like the door. it builds character upon the stile and rail

Edge Detail: Whether its flat or eased A nice edge detail can make or break a door. It doesn't take away from the strength of a door, but it can change the look of one.


We take pride in our work, With every door we put out the best possible quality. everything is made when you order, manufacturing starts right after you order.  We are working on adding more and more options for you to choose from to make your kitchen exactly what you have been wanting. if you find anything you dont see feel free to send it to us and see if we can do it. We can do almost anything you can find.

Note Every door above is not an actual represitntaion of our doors. They are images taken from a program We use cabinet pro. if you would like to see our door stiles Feel free to visit our show room at 1015n 450W Springville .

We have many door stiles And combinations you can use, any color you can find we can most likely put a door. Drawer boxes can be custom as well if you want a drawer to hold a blow dryer and curling iron we can design it to hold them. if you want a spice roll-out. Anything(To an extent) you can image we can build

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